Can you replace a leather stitched on sole and re-stitch again?

Yes. We can replace the sole and re-stitch it again.

Can you lower the height of my heels?

Yes. The amount can depend on the shoe itself.

My shoes are tight when I walk for a while. Can anything be done?

We can stretch leather shoes on a special last and apply a solution which eases the leather out.

My soles are slippy and my feet get damp when the ground is wet. What can be done?

You need a non slip protective sole on your shoes. They are a thin layer of non slip material which are non porous. Ideal for the Irish climate!

I have a lot of different colour shoes which need renovating but I'm not sure what to do?

We supply the full colour range of wax renovating creams which protect as well as colour all your shoes.

Can I get stronger materials on my shoes as the original type wear out quickly?

Yes. Most of our materials are of better quality than the factory type and often we can change the grade by request.

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